Office Policies

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Our Philosophy

We want you to have a perfect smile! We achieve this in three steps:  developing an individualized plan of treatment, following the plan to precision and maintaining the results long term. 

The first step is developing an individualized plan of treatment. Because no two patients are exactly alike, no two treatment plans are exactly alike.  We take a collaborative approach by working with our patients to define the goals of the treatment and to choose how best to achieve them.  We take the time to explain the clinical aspects of orthodontic care and pride ourselves in our ability to develop a unique plan for each patient. Then we work toward our ultimate goal – creating a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. 

The second step is following the plan in detail.  We monitor the plan at each appointment to make sure that everything is proceeding as expected.  The most important part of plan execution is the finishing of the braces treatment to the precision needed to provide the best possible smile and bite.  Dr. Hurd will not take short cuts in achieving this.

The final step is long-term retention.  Specific types of retainers, used in particular circumstances, are planned even before starting.  Ordinarily, a long-term lower retainer is bonded to the back side of the lower front teeth.  It extends from canine to canine and is bonded only at the canines.  A specific development at our office that patients really appreciate is the retainer’s design which makes flossing much easier.

Treatment Conference

Doctor Hurd believes that a thorough treatment conference is important.  During your conference he personally takes the time to thoroughly explain the specifics of your case, your bite, and how your smile is affected.  At this time the doctor will work with you to set the goals of treatment, the options for treatment, timeline for treatment and a financial plan. You will see a demonstration model of braces and be shown how they work, along with examples of retainers.

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Appointment Scheduling

At Exclusively Orthodontics we will work with you to set up appointments that fit your schedule. We recognize that students generally like to have after school appointments. Adults sometimes too prefer the early and late office hours. We try to hold many short appointments after school and early in the morning in order to accommodate the most people.  However, when longer appointments requiring 30 minutes or more are necessary (for example, placing, repairing or removing appliances), appointments may need to be made during mid to late mornings or early afternoons.

Patient Cooperation

The goals of the treatment, timeline and fee are based on the assumption that the patient will follow the instructions given by Dr. Hurd. This includes excellent daily oral hygiene to keep the teeth and gums healthy, using care to avoid very hard and sticky foods or activities that can cause damage to appliances, and the wearing of elastics (rubber bands), as needed, to produce a good fit of the teeth. 

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